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    This has been gently played with very minor playwear, no dings just swirls. The stain is translucent to a degree and the figuring shows. The neck is fast. The only slight issue is a small area of checking in the treble horn. I have seen this in three other Lucilles. I don't know why.

    The weight is about 8.5 lbs, noticeably light. It comes with the case candy and the deluxe, draped B.B. King case. I got this new and have babied it.

    Here are all the specs. The cherry and the ebony are built the same.

    B.B. King Lucille

    This is a recording with this very guitar played by a friend. The recording quality is dulled but you get a sense.

    Here is another demo.

    This is a great instrument. I would like to sell it in the next couple of weeks so I'd let it go for $2700 plus shipping. I sold it's ebony twin to a forum member a few weeks ago and he was pleased. This one is significantly discounted due to the small area of checking. These had a MSRP of $5000, and they quit making them. You can put money down to hold it for up to six months. Check out Reverb's prices. https://reverb.com/marketplace?query=gibson lucille



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    Gibson Cherry Lucille 2016-51714880914_0deed7ca17_z-jpgGibson Cherry Lucille 2016-51714217981_b3520a464b_z-jpgGibson Cherry Lucille 2016-51715087165_5972f93a9b_z-1-jpgGibson Cherry Lucille 2016-51715087150_426bfd0b9f_z-jpgGibson Cherry Lucille 2016-51714217946_6ce90b2f51_z-jpg

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    Sale pending

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    A a matter of curiosity, is the Varitone wired to a stereo output, or mono? My '64 ES-345 is stereo, so I'm set.

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    The Lucille has the classic Varitone circuit with mono and stereo as choices. There are two output jacks on the rim. Plug in to the second one and it is like a Les Paul or 335. Plug in to both the front and second one, the pickups are split with one per cable. I rarely in my life used the stereo feature. Gibson had stereo amps for those who wanted them.

    Gibson Cherry Lucille 2016-wkmj2daq6apn1cscscs5-jpg

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    Price lowered to $2500. There is some checking and slight rippling in the treble horn, as shown in the pics. This is stable. I've seen it with other Lucilles over the years and is just a mild cosmetic issue. The guitar otherwise is in excellent+ condition.

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    sale pending