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    This guitar was built in 2012 for Toty Viola, a Heritage endorsing artist. You'll see him with this guitar in this video from one of his albums.

    Toty is a close friend of George Benson. Together they designed this guitar that Heritage built.

    It looks like a H-555 but is a hollowbody with a 3" depth. The scale length is 25.5". There are 21 frets with easy access to all. The neck is a healthy medium. The fretboard is ebony and the pickguard is mahogany. There is binding similar to a H-555. It has the full sized headstock. The case is OHSC. The top and back are laminate, which gives adequate feedback resistance.

    Toty had his luthier set up this guitar with very low action. I have never seen lower.

    The original pickups were Lollartrons. Now they are Lollar Imperial Low Winds. They sound really elegant as in old school jazz.

    A few years after Toty got this guitar he developed shoulder pain. Eventually he had to downsize to a Gibson L-5 Lee Ritenour. I bought this guitar then.

    Heritage has not made a similar guitar to this, AFAIK.

    This guitar is in excellent condition with no issues. It is ready to play right now.

    $2900 plus shipping. I'm happy to accept a payment to hold it for you.

    Heritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50356015037_8566309ab2_c-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50356016547_dd6a01c979_c-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50355856721_34872b3a1a_c-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50355153383_81e1dcbec1_c-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50355856901_98c8b38854_c-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50355856641_abc01beb34_c-jpg

    Heritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50355857691_e4578a6a3e_c-1-jpg


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Heritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50355857691_e4578a6a3e_c-1-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50355153233_1bc3a8dc05_c-1-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50355153383_81e1dcbec1_c-1-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50355153303_7c92656569_c-1-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50355153158_44e8390b14_c-1-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50355857971_e200bb80f7_c-1-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50355857891_a18522dbf0_c-1-jpg

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    Heritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50355151913_eb9a03157e_c-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50356014747_4376837589_c-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50360501357_436db1d354_c-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50355153718_dc5b5db91e_c-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50356015297_a9545ac61a_c-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50356014712_42f2d62c93_c-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50355857221_5a97f79786_c-jpg

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    Beautiful guitar. How close are the specs on this guitar to the late 60s-early 70s ES 150 DC? The 3” thickness is the same, right?

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    ?I owned this guitar for sometime and it is lovely you’ll see that theund?er Georgere’s a couple pictures where it’s Benson shrine in my office
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    I met George Benson after a gig in his dressing room for about 15 minutes

    and in the course of our conversations I mentioned to him that I now owned this guitar and he said that he and Toty designed it together

    somewhere there’s a picture of George jamming away on it

    Having owned a 1969 ES 150DCN I thnk the heritage presented here for sale is far superior to the gibson which had too skinny a neck

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    Intresting observation about this guitar. A period of time DC150 I was interested in this model. But I believe at the time some models had a 1 9/16" nut that I didn't care for.

    Quote Originally Posted by kevmoga
    Beautiful guitar. How close are the specs on this guitar to the late 60s-early 70s ES 150 DC? The 3” thickness is the same, right?

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    It's different than the ES-150DC. The scale length is longer, there are 21 frets, the fretboard is ebony, the binding is fancier, and the rims are solid. There is also gold hardware. The set up on this is the best I've seen.

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    One more distinction. Toty mentioned that George Benson suggested extending the neck block into the body more. I don't remember why with certainty but recall it adding stability and transmitting better from the neck to the body.

    I scoped the inside of it and found the neck block completely surrounds the pickup aside from the tail portion. In other hollow laminates the pickup is not surrounded by the neck block. It is within the floating center block.

    It may take you a moment to orient, so I included a pic with the pickup removed.

    Heritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-51704725901_02a69c7d36_z-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-51703930922_f068cda3e7_z-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-51705006058_70db43409e_z-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-51705006038_1c40bb7857_z-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-51704725861_d2756ffc08_z-jpgHeritage Hollowbody Jazz Guitar- Truly Unique-50360501157_f3a6995b70_c-jpg

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    Killer buy Mark! I’m surprised it’s still here!

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    Yeah that is a really nice guitar truly Outclasses the Gibson that its influenced by

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    wow! Any clips of this?

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    Toty is a wonderful player.

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    and what is the weight?

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    This is a VERY cool concept for a guitar.

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    Love that color as well, it's a gorgeous, singular piece.

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    Folks this is one special guitar. Another forum gem. Why? Excellent build with an outstanding pedigree.
    And the Lollar Imperial low wind pickups are the cherry on top!!

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    I agree with fearthereaper

    the only reason I didn’t still have it was after I bought it from Bob Lafond he called me months later begging me to sell it back to him
    which I did

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    Still available. Were working on multipart trade that didn't come together.

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