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    I have my eyes on something else so my least used GJ guitar is up for sale.

    Up for sale is an Altamira M01D nylon string GJ guitar. The guitar is in excellent condition. I recently had a setup done to it and had a new saddle made so the guitar plays and sounds great.

    It will be shipped in the Road Runner dreadnought gig bag in the pictures. When I bought it, it didn't come with a gig bag or case.

    Price is $700 shipped. PP Friends and Family or Venmo preferred. No trades please.

    Album of pics: Altamira M01D Nylon for sale - Album on Imgur


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    Good guitar at a great price.

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    Oh! How I wish I had the $$. That is beautiful!

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    what kind of neck does this have compared to your standard type Gypsy jazz guitar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by callouscallus
    what kind of neck does this have compared to your standard type Gypsy jazz guitar?
    It has a 1 7/8 nut width vs the usual 1 3/4. The neck is thinner than a regular Selmer style neck.

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    I don't want to derail your FS ad, but I always wondered about the gypsy guitars being steel or nylon. As a user of both steel and nylon guitars, I never played a gypsy. Are the nylon versions more like a flamenco guitar?

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    Selmer made a nylon version way back, and the earliest Maccaferri guitars were gut-strung, fixed bridges. He and Selmer had a "Classique" model and an "Espagnol" right at the start of their combined production. Here's my friend Rod Blocksidge playing a nylon Selmer, not the same model as for sale here:

    If I lived in the US I would definitely buy the OP's guitar.

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    PS Daniel Slaman makes one called The Dome.