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    Hello all,

    I saw a PSA for a Streamline here recently, and it sold right when I decided to buy it. I then inquired about an Oval Hole on Steve Andersen's site, and that too had just sold. I'm also considering a Campellone archtop, but from what I've read here, they seem to lack a bit of acoustic punch, which is an important feature for me. Any feedback would be appreciated!




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    This video of Tim Lerch is what really made me want the oval hole. It sounds incredible here.

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    Myjazzhome.com, Gryphonstrings.com, Archtop.com, Gruhnguitars.com these are some places that occasionally have Andersen for sale.

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    Wonderful guitars, and hard to come by!

    There's a Lil' Archie on Reverb right now ...

    Here's a Forshage being built right now for a friend ... similar vibe (although with fanned frets) .. if you wanted to order a new one..

    Steve Andersen Streamline or Oval Hole-forshage-front-2-22-oct-2021-jpg