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    This is the most stunning guitar I've ever owned. It was made December 8, 2004 with the label signed by Jim Hutchins.

    It may be unique. I have not seen a Super 400 Thinline with the Switchmaster system otherwise, but there may be some others out there somewhere.

    I measure the depth at 2.5".

    There are no issues with this guitar. It's been babied all of its life. The neck what I'd call a medium. The frets have almost no wear. The action is low. It's in excellent++ condition.

    There are three Classic 57 pups on it. Each pickup has its own tone and volume pots. The switch allows you to select any pickup or all. Whatever combination you choose you can raise or lower the individual pickup volume or tone by adjusting the pots. That allows to a huge range of tones.

    It is a great player and a breathtaking piece of art.

    $7500 plus shipping. I will hold it for you with a down payment.

    Click here for more pics: Flickr

    Gibson Super 400 Thinline Switchmaster-37523561631_8aa55c11d4_c-jpgGibson Super 400 Thinline Switchmaster-37523562861_fd2e312828_c-jpgGibson Super 400 Thinline Switchmaster-37523561981_6dc9caeddf_c-jpgGibson Super 400 Thinline Switchmaster-37523560651_0d09285896_c-jpgGibson Super 400 Thinline Switchmaster-37523560311_3b5fe0c72e_c-jpgGibson Super 400 Thinline Switchmaster-37523556971_6bd128cc15_c-jpgGibson Super 400 Thinline Switchmaster-50051889666_6d499719d1_c-jpgGibson Super 400 Thinline Switchmaster-50051888216_42412e6575_c-jpgGibson Super 400 Thinline Switchmaster-50052136082_55ca63ba17_c-jpgGibson Super 400 Thinline Switchmaster-50051889771_d52a09ee43_c-jpg
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    Gibson Super 400 Thinline Switchmaster-51092779020_3c9c33f5ca_c-jpgGibson Super 400 Thinline Switchmaster-51605711670_7d8bcb8cf5_c-jpg

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    The weight is 8 lbs 13 oz. Gibson put it in its Super 400 case with some padding.

    This is not a lightweight, but it is less than many Les Pauls and on par with Gibson semi-hollows I had.

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    Man, it just got REAL around here!

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    Wow! Never seen anything like that before. Absolutely stunning!

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    Sale pending