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    A bump not just for bump's sake. There's an update on speaker availability and shipping delays on the News and Offers section of the toob.fi website. Those considering, especially in the US, might want to move before the Christmas parcel glut messes up shipments even further. The Executive Summary: 12" Jensen Tornados, Blackbird 40s (limited) and Stealth 80s (limited) still available; 10" Tornados not until next year or at significantly higher prices. 6.5" Jensens and SICAs for all Metro versions still on the shelf. Demand for Metros may see a sharp increase once the new batch of Quilter Superblocks finally gets distributed. A few Celestion 10" and 12" speakers still on the shelf and some available from importer on short notice. Prices up already.

    The 15% discount to Forum Members on all TOOB and Metro cabs is permanent. For models and current prices, please refer to the website. The prices are not permanent, however, as the world market for raw materials, chips and logistical services is in turmoil. We have just secured a stockpile of our most popular Jensen and SICA speakers for the next few months at least. The info we have on certain other speaker manufacturers' price increases (+20% and more) and order backlogs (up to a year) is alarming.

    Over 400 Toobs and Metros made from 2017, over 100 delivered this year. USA the main market by far. Users, including several Forum Members, are mainly pro musicians and active giggers.
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    I need to post an "NTD" (New Toob Day) later, but here's a taste:

    After ordering a new cab a few months ago from another builder (and still waiting on it!), I decided to contact Markku ("Gitterbug") regarding his Toobs. After a few email discussions about my wants/needs, I took the plunge and ordered a "10S" model. Within a week, it reached my home in the western States -- no hassles, no problems, no hidden import fees (always a concern when ordering from overseas!). After having it a few days and playing a few hours (with three different guitars and two different amps): excellent product! Can't wait to play it at an upcoming rehearsal (and then gig)!

    If you're a member here, you know Markku is a stand-up guy, and the whole transaction was a breeze! Give him a call!

    [Toob and Holst, hanging out]

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    A bump not just for bump's sake. See the main message.