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    Hello friends.

    Now that I have my bucket list guitars, I am ready to find a new home for my lovely 2017 Natural finish Epiphone Broadway. I purchased this guitar and went to work upgrading it into a gig-worthy instrument. I enjoy doing this and I must say this one turned out smashingly well.

    It’s a MIC Broadway in Natural finish. Opening the box, I found a well crafted instrument with good joinery and fitment of the top, back, sides, neck, binding and inlays. Regrettably, it came with horribly cheap electronics—it had been wired with the cheapest wire and components imaginable, the pickups were uninspiringly dull, the selector switch and pots were scratchy and intermittent, and the jack was loose and unable to be tightened (stripped nut). What a shame. So, thus began the upgrades, as follows:

    - Completely rewired with vintage Gibson style braided, push-back, shielded wire
    - CTS (The Art of Tone) close-tolerance pots replaced the cheap pots it came with
    - Sprague Orange Drop caps
    - Switchcraft output jack
    - Switchcraft 3-way pickup selector
    - Seymour Duncan Seth Lover pickup set
    - Gibson L-5 replacement pickguard (handmade and fitted to pickups).
    - Gibson L-5 style pick guard mount and stand-off
    - Gibson/Schaller L-5 style keystone tuner buttons (Grover rotomatic kidney bean tuners came on it)
    - Custom fitted rosewood bridge base and luthier setup saddle
    - Custom-made “Custom Broadway” truss rod cover

    Before the makeover, this was a solidly build, fairly acoustically resonant, plywood archtop with crap electronics and muddy amplified tone. Post makeover, it’s all around a great guitar. Plays like buttah and, plugged in, it’s fat and juicy. Dripping with Wes and Kenny tone. The guitar is in immaculate condition. Beautiful natural finish with no dents, dings or scratches. Neck is straight and true and truss rod works perfectly. Neck profile is a medium D. Not as thin as most Epi “slim taper” necks. Good solid shoulders for a wonderful playing experience. Profile is similar to a classical guitar D shape neck profile but of course narrower in width. Frets are in great shape.

    Comes with Original Epiphone hard case in good condition. Latches and hinges are perfect, but it’s a case, thus it has a few scuffs and such.

    Central Illinois purchase would be ideal, but I am happy to ship to anywhere in the lower 48 for cost + insurance.

    A real bargain at $800. Hoping to make someone’s day. But if no one wants it, I’ll happily keep it. It’s a beaut.


    Epiphone Custom Broadway-3aeebce2-da43-4fc4-8ae0-94fbcab4c4f2-jpg
    Epiphone Custom Broadway-d8343c9e-e095-4ef4-800f-3f89dec442a4-jpg
    Epiphone Custom Broadway-3dd8e052-2a7a-404d-a0f9-eee369ac516e-jpg
    Epiphone Custom Broadway-953b37ab-9d8b-4533-ab3e-51b712a00c48-jpg
    Epiphone Custom Broadway-c7bed841-77ec-4269-ab00-5e5e81d41fa8-jpeg
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    Looks like a great guitar. Just a personal endorsement for Rolijen. I bought a guitar from him not long ago. He had done a lot of upgrades. The guitar turned out to be EXACTLY as he described it from condition, to sound, to playability/feel. Great guy to deal with. GLWTS.

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    Happy Tuesday, all. Bumpin’ on Sunset would sound fantastic on this Broadway.

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    Somebody buy this. Looks like a killer for a great price. All the upgrades are there. Hope it goes fast…if I bring home another guitar my wife might beat me to death with it.

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    A no risk buy from a really great guy.

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    I seconded the seller he is neighbor of mine and you can trust him entirely. A guitar like this with the huge upgrade in parts and electronics is a fantastic deal you won't anything in the price range that will beat it. Frankly it is the perfect giging guitar and no worries playing anywhere.

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    Thanks, guys. I appreciate the support! Happy Autumn, all!

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    PM sent

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    Rolijen, I’ll buy it if it’s still available.

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    since when do you buy blonde guitars?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wintermoon
    since when do you buy blonde guitars?
    I know huh. But If it’s available, since when they’ve been upgraded and are a good buy. I can play with my eyes closed.

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    1st in line patchr.
    Then, 2beornot2bop.

    Thanks, guys. Will follow up with you directly.