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    As the title says.

    A few of you have seen pictures. It's beautiful. I think the color is almond burst?

    The pickup looks like a Schaller and I presume it has the HRW treatment.

    $4850 shipped fully insured in the lower 48.

    Pictures below.

    I can send more photos if you'd like. Just pm me your phone number and I'll start texting what you want.

    This is the last of my classic archtops. I also have a PRS SCJ for sale, but that's not really "classic".


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    That's a seriously beautiful instrument, GLWTS!

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    Gorgeous GE!!

    Weren't the split-block inlays an up-charged option? They are my favorites on archtops.

    Good luck with your sale.

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    A GE! Beautiful guitar Mr Bean!

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    Real nice! GLWTS!

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    Looks an awful lot like my avatar. GLWS!

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    Let's move this to page 1

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    Let’s move this one to the top of the heat this is truly a beautiful piece and a really righteous price these days

    My guess is this is a special order that Jay Wolfe made because he’s the only one I know of that can get Heritage to make a more Gibson lake pickguard shape for him