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    The one on my Aria PE180 fell off on a gig and I need a replacement, preferably in gold.
    Not sure if it's metric or US but I'm guessing US since it takes a regular 1/4" plug, though that may not be accurate.
    Don't need the washer.

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    The nuts come in both flavors, because the jacks come in both flavors. I don't know which the Aria uses. Unfortunately, I currently have no spares, although I've been thinking about getting some more. Lots of them available on ebay for a reasonable price.

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    Arias use an Asian jack, washer and nut combo. I always change these out from the start with an American Switchcraft 1/4 jack. They're built better and professional quality for the long run.
    Jacks are one of the first places corners are cut because they sound the same, are functionally just as good as a heavy duty one but a cheap one just won't last. This is one of the areas that's the first to go.
    Get a Switchcraft.
    If you need a quick fix for your Asian jack now, you can get AllParts nut and washer replacements on line, and have it at your door in a day or few. Most guitar stores have these hanging on the wall in a package because they're such a common failure.

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    I don't see them on their site

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    Quote Originally Posted by wintermoon
    I don't see them on their site
    Switchcraft 1/4" Guitar Output Jack - Philadelphia Luthier Tools & Supplies, LLC
    Metric M9 Nut, Washer and Locking Washer for Output Jacks - Black - Philadelphia Luthier Tools & Supplies, LLC

    You can find these parts on Ebay too, or any online retailer of parts. I happen to like these guys, they've got neat stuff at fair prices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wintermoon
    Thanks but for now just looking for the nut and washer
    That's why I included the third option there.
    M9 Guitar Output Jack Nuts Washers For Imports - Squier Epiphone Ibanez Jackson | eBay
    Make sure they are specified as metric or Asian/Japanese standard. Many of the replacement nuts and washers readily available are threaded for American standard and will not fit your jack.
    Good luck