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    For your consideration...

    I have a 2016 Heritage Millennium Double cut. This is a semi hollow guitar that was designed by Jim Derlou, original co-founder of Heritage guitars.

    This guitar was saved from the "Heritage Ban Saw Massacre of 2016", where as the story goes, the then new owners of heritage, cut up over 200 guitars that had blems, finish cracks, minor imperfections, etc. A long time Kalamazoo repair man, who used to frequent Heritage a lot, was able to save this one from the saw!!!!

    The reason this Milli was slated for the saw is because there is a crack in the top off of the bass side F hole. The way it looks in the picture, is the way it looked the day i brought it home...it hasn't moved in over 4 years. The serial number is not from Heritage....its made up (2016)

    I took this guitar to Pete Moreno, legendary Kalamazoo Luthier, for all the final assembly and setup....i acquired it as a finished husk. I used all top notch components. CTS pots, PIO caps, Early 80s Duncan 59s, bone nut, Locking Grovers.

    It has a beefy 50s carve. Ebony board with mother of pearl blocks. Multi ply bound top, bound and inlayed peghead and a TKL tweed case that fits it like a glove.

    There are scratched, dings and dents....no breaks. I pictured the worst of them.

    This Milli plays and sounds awesome!!! This is your chance to get a top shelf Heritage for a bottom feeder price. This guitar new would be upwards of $4000.

    $1400 plus shipping...no trades please

    Thanks for looking!!!

    IMG_8666 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr

    IMG_8667 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr

    IMG_8668 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr

    IMG_8682 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr

    IMG_8683 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr

    IMG_8671 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr

    IMG_8676 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr

    IMG_8681 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr

    IMG_8673 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr

    IMG_8672 by brent HENDERSON, on Flickr


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    That's a bargain!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marty Grass
    That's a bargain!
    Did you see the guy on Facebook saying that I stole that guitar from Heritage. LOL. LOL.