As the title says, last version of this Guild Westerly- built guitar. Designed originally by George Gruhn to have a sweet and resonant tone, and to be a viable jazz guitar. The Benedetto Benny model is built on the same principle, at about 6 times this price. Mahogany chambered body, mahogany neck, maple top. 243/4" scale. Low action, .036" high frets, with hardly any wear. Truss rod works very well; straight neck. Wiring rewired with new neck volume control, switchcraft switch and jack, and gibson-style braided wire. Previous owner has installed PRS McCarty pups, which sound good to me, but no idea why they were installed. There is a filled tiny hole on the top which presumably was for a scratchplate, and a similar small hole on the side bout. The slots of the stud tailpiece mounting screws show signs of plating wear, although the screws are fully functional and not bent or deformed. No breaks or cracks in headstock.

More detailed pix if any interest. The guitar is in W London. I'd imagine anyone interested would want to try it out, but may consider shipping via your courier + boxing/ packing costs if anyone is prepared to buy without trying, on a no-return-unless-misdescribed basis.

As a price indicator, these USA models sold in the UK for around £1400 when new in the 90s. Why pay that money for an asian-made similar guitar when you can have the real thing at this price....

Guild USA Bluesbird chambered body late 90s £750 UK-img_1225-jpg