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    1938 Epiphone Broadway

    This 1938 Epiphone Broadway not only looks nearly new, it plays like a dream with a loud bark and beautiful tone. The setup is awesome with a 17" body, a 1.75" nut and great neck angle. The binding is tight to the body. The case is a newer Heritage and of good quality.
    Also, the last picture shows what is likely the original strap button location which has simply been removed and covered with a small piece of felt with a screw. Who knows when or why? The original Archtop.com listing is here for more info: 1938 Epiphone Broadway

    Asking $3900 and will include shipping and insurance in the states.

    I'm not inclined for returns so please ask questions up-front. Overseas shipping is possible but it's your cost. I would prefer Paypal friends and family or Venmo or whatever keeps the fees low for both.

    Regards, DJ
    Attached Images Attached Images 1938 Epiphone Broadway *Lower Price*-38-epi-b1-jpeg 1938 Epiphone Broadway *Lower Price*-38-epi-b2-jpg 1938 Epiphone Broadway *Lower Price*-38-epi-b3-jpg 1938 Epiphone Broadway *Lower Price*-38-epi-b4-jpg 1938 Epiphone Broadway *Lower Price*-38-epi-b5-jpg 1938 Epiphone Broadway *Lower Price*-38-epi-b6-jpg 1938 Epiphone Broadway *Lower Price*-38-epi-b7-jpg 1938 Epiphone Broadway *Lower Price*-38-epi-b10-jpeg 
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