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    ….from Howard’s FB page:

    ”Serious* guitar friends who have dreamed of owning one of these (you know who you are out there): I'm helping a dear friend sell these D'Angelicos - a PRISTINE 1959 New Yorker 16-3/4" custom Blonde, and a 1938 Model A. We'll get photos, letters of provenance, etc. for sale on my personal Reverb page in the next week or two. But if you know what these are worth and don't want to let someone else get the draw on you, you know where to find me!”

    Howard Paul is Selling 2 vintage D’Angelicos-3a1f9cef-7bb9-4f10-baca-3f0a82d22141-jpegHoward Paul is Selling 2 vintage D’Angelicos-5cf433bf-5fa0-4124-a0df-ebbbb876b9be-jpegHoward Paul is Selling 2 vintage D’Angelicos-4737c650-fe31-433f-ac24-c64748111033-jpegHoward Paul is Selling 2 vintage D’Angelicos-b5c9a77f-c0c0-4786-bf17-9332e5e3a475-jpeg


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    Interesting to see a period NYer t.p. on the A-1 and it almost looks like an 18" guitar in that pic but we know better.

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    Someone is going to be a very happy person, owning one of these.

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    those look very nice!