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    2003 Epiphone Emperor Regent model archtop guitar. Built in the Peerless guitar factory in South Korea. This model is no longer being made. It is a 17”, 3” deep fully laminated guitar with a spruce top, maple back and sides and neck, rosewood fingerboard and bridge. It has the Frequensator tailpiece. The floating pickup has been upgraded to an Imported Kent Armstrong humbucker. Ive added a Gibson ABR-1 bridge, which I think brightens it up a bit. The "E" that is usually on the pickguard is in the case pocket.The original Rosewood bridge top is included in the case as well. Very comfortable medium Epiphone neck profile. The guitar was professionally setup with flat wound Thomastik Infield Jazz Swing 12’s and the action is really low. The guitar looks shiny and new with only one tiny blemish on the top near the treble side fhole. I would characterize this guitar is being in excellent condition. Includes a very good Condition original fitted Epiphone case.
    Price $650 plus Shipping and Paypal fees.
    I will ship only within the continental US states.
    Thank You for looking.
    Joe DeNisco
    Attached Images Attached Images Price Drop - 0 2003 Epi Emperor Regent - Excellent condition-1e762e4b-3536-4b7e-8128-351f0e13bf72-jpg Price Drop - 0 2003 Epi Emperor Regent - Excellent condition-387e497c-607d-401e-8f66-a67a71c2318b-jpeg Price Drop - 0 2003 Epi Emperor Regent - Excellent condition-47dca386-ba0a-4425-962b-4207245bc388-jpg Price Drop - 0 2003 Epi Emperor Regent - Excellent condition-b3f66056-6b29-4a81-8168-a498db64d42f-jpg 
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    A great price on a great guitar (I treasure mine) from a great guy who is also a great guitar player. Wish I had the spare dough.

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    This is a no-brainer for anyone looking for a sweet archtop at a great price from a highly respected member.

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    I once owned one of these, for about a year, and had to sell it later to gather the cash for my first ES175. I have regretted the sale ever since! It was a splendid guitar, played wonderfully, excellent tone, beautiful to the eye. These are "sleepers" that anyone wanting a big-bodied archtop with a floater would love.

    And you cannot do better for a seller than Joe. I bought two guitars from him, and the pleasure of dealing with him was a big factor in the purchases.

    I hope someone on the forum has the pleasure of doing the deal with Joe and ending up with this lovely instrument.

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    I too have bought two guitars from Joe. A no risk buy to be sure.

    GLWTS and congrats in advance to the lucky buyer.

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    Hi Guys,
    Thank You very much for the nice words guys.
    Obviously, I don't post much here anymore. And I'm not gonna lie, I do miss all of you GREAT people. I DONT miss the drama though. Some of which, I've actually created myself.

    I really don't want to sell this guitar. My wife asked me to make some room AND to help us pay for some of the other things I've bought in the not so distant past (and potentially some things i'd like to buy in the future).
    I am enjoying the continuity of only having 4 guitars that I give equal amounts of love to. But I might just pull the add (again - and spread the love over 5 guitars..), and sell some other things to make up the deficit.
    It really is a great guitar.
    NO sweat though. If its not meant to be, then its not meant to be.
    Thanks again guys.
    All the best to everyone!
    Joe D

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    That's a beautiful guitar!

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    Price lowered to $650.
    Thanks, Joe D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max405 View Post
    Price lowered to $650.
    Thanks, Joe D
    I'd snap it up in a heartbeat, but am in a similar situation with respect to making space, spouse, and spreading attention across multiple guitars.

    Folks, check out Joe's videos with this guitar. It's the real thing, and $650 is practically a steal.

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    Thank You John. You are a REAL gentleman.
    One of the things that is prompting this is the horrible floods we had last week. With 2 catastrophic rain events in New Jersey (one 6" and the other 9.5", a week apart) and my basement flooded.
    After going crazy finding and buying a similar case that was supposed to come with my Red Vestax NYL2 (the beautiful Brown one, with the cream plush lining - I was told it was the last one D'Angelico had..), I went down into the basement to find it sitting 6" of water for about 10 hrs. It was trashed. I stack all my cases, one on top of the other in a closet under the stairs, with a towel separating them.
    It made me think. I have too much stuff. The case for the Epi was the 4th case up from the floor - no damage. The only case trashed was the VDA case.
    So I need to reduce the amount of stuff I have.
    And I need to find another Brown VDA case with the plush cream lining.
    If anybody has one they can part with, please let me know.
    By the way, I dont store my guitars in their cases. They hang in my guitar room. So they were safe.
    Thanks Guys,
    Joe D