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    I placed an order for a Moffa guitar several months ago but unfortunately, I have to cancel my order.

    The guitar (whatever the model is chosen) is planned to be delivered on May 2022.

    I am selling my slot to anyone who might be interesting in buying a Moffa - within a relatively short time. The delivery times are indeed quite long for any new order (around 18 months).

    The price for the slot: 1220 euros (which corresponds to the deposit I paid, as a deduction of the final price).


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    Nico Moffa makes some really nice instruments!
    Too bad his website appears to be completely non-functional

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    I'll take it! Did send you pm yesterday, but seems like it doesn't work for some reason.

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    A friend om mine Gisle Torvik (Torvik) on the Forum wants to buy the slot. As a new member he's been unable to reach you. Can you get in touch with him or write to me your email please!?.


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    Sorry the slot has been sold