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    Very gently used Eastman AR610CE all solid carved with spruce top and mahogany back and sides. Rosewood fretboard! Installed is a Kent Armstrong 12 pole PAF acquired directly from Kent. Wonderful tone and playability.

    I just don’t play this one much at all so I’m moving it along. I don’t have a box big enough to ship it right now so local pickup only. Located on Whidbey Island, WA. Could meet across a ferry for the right deal.

    Eastman Guitars

    Guitar Type
    Archtop Hollow Body

    Lower Bout Width
    Body Depth

    Nut Width

    Fingerboard Scale

    Pickup Type
    Floating Kent Armstrong 12 pole

    Wood Composition

    Mahogany, Spruce top


    Floating rosewood
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    It'd be interesting to compare this to my maple Pisano 880 with the same pickup swap. I'm in Victoria. I'm due for a 'round the sound trip with a stop in Guemes to visit a buddy there. Too bad the ferries aren't running across the border...

    GLWTS as we say! I'm sure this one sounds great.

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    Yeah, we can barely keep the ferries staffed and running on our side of the border… hope they get it all straightened out soon!

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    Greetings from Anacortes.

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    Hi neighbor! I’m down by Coupeville!

    Quote Originally Posted by telephone
    Greetings from Anacortes.

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    Coupeville, one of my favorite places on Whidbey. Next time you’re in Anacortes stop by my shop, Penguin Coffee. I’ll buy you a cup just for showing up!

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    Greetings from Lake Stevens!

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    Awesome thanks for the invite telephone!

    and helloooooo Lake Stevens!

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    Hey, I'm reading this as we all get a free cup'a by stopping in Penguin Coffee.

    Yay! Well, tough from Indianapolis. Wish I could though.

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    I’ve been hankering for a P90 rig… semi hollow or solid. I-30 or a LP special or something… Anyone me know what you have to offer!

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    Greetings form Lake Stevens! That guitar looks very attractive!

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    Sold pending funds… Cascader shoot me a msg!