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    ** SOLD **

    Original owner, recently purchased from a Yamaha dealer. It's not been played much at all, and only here at home. (I decided on a nice archtop instead, but it wasn't an easy decision for me.) Superb fit and finish, and the guitar really rings. Excellent low-action setup (currently using EXL115 strings) - no buzzing, very straight neck, nice fretwork, great intonation, nut slots cut very well. These are all that folks say they are in the many positive internet reviews out there - essentially an ES335 competitor at a fraction of the cost. Single-coil push-pull taps.

    Condition is mint save for a very minor hairline scratch on one side of one of the slotted tailpiece posts - very light. Otherwise, no marks, dents, scratches other than the usual few superfine micro scratches on the black pickguard that appear in the first 10 minutes of light use.

    These currently list new for $2099. I'm asking $1450 or best offer for this one, shipped/insured CONUS. Paypal is fine. Happy to chat on the phone should a potential buyer like, and I have very good references here and on other guitar forums.

    Pics: please disregard goofy reflections and the occasional dust. This one's super clean. Let me know if I can provide additional images. Sorry if the pics seem GIANT.

    One thing to note - in the U.S., this guitar comes new without a case of any kind. Odd, I know. I was a bit concerned when it was shipped to me, but as usual, Yamaha's shipping materials/method seems to be more than adequate. I could purchase a suitable case of some kind should a buyer like to work out the costs with me beforehand, but I think original shipping would be fine, and I'd likely augment it.

    Thanks for looking!
    Attached Images Attached Images Yamaha SA2200 OVS (MINT - SOLD)-img_1547-jpg Yamaha SA2200 OVS (MINT - SOLD)-img_1546-jpg Yamaha SA2200 OVS (MINT - SOLD)-img_1545-jpg Yamaha SA2200 OVS (MINT - SOLD)-img_1541-jpg Yamaha SA2200 OVS (MINT - SOLD)-img_1542-jpg Yamaha SA2200 OVS (MINT - SOLD)-img_1538-jpg Yamaha SA2200 OVS (MINT - SOLD)-img_1539-jpg 
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    These are extraordinary guitars. Great build quality. Every bit the equal of Gibson ES 335 or Heritage H535.
    This is also a very fair price.


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    That fretwork looks perfect. Beautiful burst, too.