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    Items sold or Withdrawn from sale
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    Holy smokes, are you OK?

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    This seller is top notch. Anyone buying this gear will consider themselves quite lucky when the deal is done.

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    Silverfox is a gentlemen with the upmost integrity - and for those in the UK you have an opportunity to acquire some great instruments and amps.

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    Top notch seller for sure, but I’m more concerned about why. Are you okay, Alan?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob MacKillop
    Top notch seller for sure, but I’m more concerned about why. Are you okay, Alan?
    He is OK and is just thinning the herd. These are excellent examples of hard to find instruments offered at a very fair price. I suggest that anyone who has an interest in any of these pounce on them before the seller changes his mind.

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    Silverfoxx is a Gentleman and a Player. Buy with confidence, and rejoice in a piece of immaculately maintained musical magnificence, be it amp or guitar or both.

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    Alan and I have bought and sold from/to each other for around 10 years. He is a 100% trustworthy seller - and a good bloke.

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    Guitars & amps  sale  Closed-cf5041a8-7701-4eff-9fa7-6807fd7d8af9-jpeg

    Joe Pass learning some new tricks from master guitar virtuoso silverfoxx.
    George Benson behind them soaking in a great lesson also from the master.
    silverfoxx’s talent has seeped into all these guitars. Buying one will make you
    a far better player guaranteed. He only buys the best of the best so getting one
    of his prized guitars will be a total win. He is one of my closest friends. A total
    100% no risk buy. Guitars of the highest caliber.

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    There was always so much knowledge in his head, that volume of knowledge always tended to push his eyeglasses off. Thats why he was photographed adjusting his glassess..
    All kidding aside..
    Silverfoxx has become one of my very closest friends in the world. You wont find a better human being to know or a better person to deal with. And you will not find more cared for instruments in the world (unless you bought them from Vinny). He knows the best of the best, and wouldn't own anything less.
    If I could swing it, I would be all over the Tal and L5CT. The Tal is an incredible guitar. The wood on Silverfoxx's Tal is second to none and before he decided to sell off these guitars, he had told me on numerous occasions that the L5CT is every bit as great sounding as any L5 he has had, its only just more comfortable to play.
    For what its worth, I recommend Silverfoxx with all my heart and soul.
    He is a special person.
    Joe DeNisco

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    You are going to make some people very happy!


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    I hope that the sale does make a few of our friends and colleagues
    happy, for this Forum has done for me, forging lifetime friendships
    with members, who I may never meet in person but can liaise with
    daily or often. It is, IMO, the best of its kind on the Internet,
    Enjoying poking fun at one another ,or accumulating knowledge
    in our pursuit to be better players. Long may it reign.


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    PM sent regarding the L5CT.

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    The L5CT has already sold to one of our members, and is in transit
    The Ibanez AF200 has also been sold to another of our members
    regards Silverfoxx
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    This is a Fender Jazzmaster Ultralight that I purchased in 2006. As many know this was a topic of discussion a few years back.

    I’m the second owner. The first owner bought it without hearing it, didn’t like it, and sold it shortly afterward. At the time that I bought it it was for the singular reason that the cabinet weighs about 14 pounds and the head about 7.
    I was using it primarily on jazz gigs. My go to for everything else, at the time, was an Allen Old Flame. Over time I started using this amp on R&B/general business gigs. I was astounded by the headroom and power of the amp. It sounded much like a black panel Fender. Eventually it became my go to and I sold the Allen.

    The amp has 2 channels, digital effects including reverb, delay, chorus, etc. It does overdrive very nicely. The digital reverb is quite good. I’ve used it for guitar and pedal steel (which it handles very well). I’ve even done a few gigs on bass (which it can do, at least at low volumes). The cabinet has a 2 ohm, 12 inch Jensen Neodymium. I have the original manual. It comes with a fender padded bag specifically for the head. It also has a fender cover for the cabinet. The cabinet cover shows signs of wear, as it’s done it’s job. Amp cosmetics are close to perfect. Comes with 3 button foot switch for channel and effects switching.

    There was 1 incident around 2009 when the amp went into protect mode. It was serviced and a second generation firmware was added. I was told that this would solve any instability problems. The amp has been perfect to the present day.

    I’m considering selling this amp as my eyesight has deteriorated to the point where I’m having a difficult time seeing the front panel controls. If it doesn’t sell, I’ll just deal with it. Price is $650. Shipping will be in 2 boxes for the actual shipping cost. If you wish to pay with PayPal, please add 2.9%. Feel free to ask questions.
    Attached Images Attached Images Guitars & amps  sale  Closed-e8706d2c-01dc-4982-83b7-18ee4b811a65-jpg Guitars & amps  sale  Closed-e4a49979-927f-4d15-be66-e2bfb3628284-jpg Guitars & amps  sale  Closed-fb2afb4a-8b22-4d57-92a7-3c03b17932bf-jpg Guitars & amps  sale  Closed-0dea4f9a-fb5f-4ca9-9407-0a6d3c41404f-jpg Guitars & amps  sale  Closed-5ffb3375-c9fd-4753-b3ea-1d8d90ab2c9a-jpg Guitars & amps  sale  Closed-9f5cc9a4-04b6-4146-a3a6-428c09a2d5be-jpg Guitars & amps  sale  Closed-9324a3ca-e78e-4e72-806e-69e583d84ad2-jpg 

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    I think I tagged this onto someone else’s post. First time doing this. I’ll see if I can remove it and put in in the right place. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. BJS