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    I bought this Kent Armstrong PAF years ago from Kent himself this is not an import. Never used and they sound wonderful. I don’t need it the only thing is you would have to make bracket or mount. Several ways to do. $140.00. That includes postage in continental us.
    Attached Images Attached Images Kent Armstrong 12 pole PAF from maker.-b13197aa-a6ad-45a4-9a25-db87256da6d1-jpg Kent Armstrong 12 pole PAF from maker.-a341ad19-94f8-4ac6-9aec-8f24298556e0-jpg Kent Armstrong 12 pole PAF from maker.-5b6ba546-d23b-487f-b447-488fe3f41c40-jpg 


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    These are most awesome, I've used both this and the mounted model.

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    I am going to bump this and drop the price to $120.

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    Is the pickup still available for sale.