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    This is a terrific guitar in great shape, just not what I was looking for. 16" laminate body, 25" scale neck, OHSC, guitar is all original, including the pickguard, and working properly including the two tone knobs that Howard specified. I am told these were made in the Matsumoko factory, along with the similar Ibanez copies. The fretboard inlays are different and interesting, in my opinion. There is one "scuff" on the rim down by the output jack, otherwise it's very clean.

    Frets have plenty of life in them and appear to have been dressed recently. Neck shape is very comfortable. Glad to send more pics if interested. Thanks!

    $1300 net to me and this fine instrument it yours.1977 ELECTRA Howard Roberts X-510-71b55933-e140-49d0-82dc-88e340c5fd5a_1_201_a-jpg1977 ELECTRA Howard Roberts X-510-923ecd75-f20c-4cfb-a007-96c3ce240448_1_201_a-jpg1977 ELECTRA Howard Roberts X-510-1ab18749-3875-4794-98f9-8602fa0c0e05_1_201_a-jpg


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    El bumpo-

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    Why no love for this guitar? Price too high?