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    I purchased these throughout the years in hopes that I would get around to using them when I had more free time in my life. I just never got around to using them. I downloaded any downloadable content, burned it to CD’s, and inserted them into CD sleeves that are attached to the inside of the back covers of four the books that came with such content. The Fred Sokolow book was purchased new and arrived missing its CD. I contacted Fred and he sold me the tracks as a download. I burned these to a CD and slipped it in a CD sleeve that is attached to the inside back cover of the book. All of the books are in good condition. They are all actually unread. Some of the books do have a bit of wear from when they were shipped to me. I paid over $225 for these. You can have them for $125 with free CONUS shipping!

    Barry Galbraith Guitar Solos
    Barry Galbraith Guitar Solos Volume 2
    The Bill Evans Guitar Book
    The Bill Evans Collection for Solo Guitar
    Thelonious Monk For Guitar
    Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Solos
    Great Jazz Standards of Duke Ellington for Guitar
    Joe Pass on Guitar

    Please look over the photos. And, If you happen to have any questions, please ask before making a purchase. I’ll be happy to answer them in a timely manner.

    Collection of (8) Great Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Books-34aabf68-7425-4dc8-b038-e5e92aed85d7-jpg
    Collection of (8) Great Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Books-173dc4e2-02a1-47e0-b161-b6a3c5878d64-jpg
    Collection of (8) Great Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Books-15ba9ef4-af13-4e98-9e4f-17ec5165835d-jpg
    Collection of (8) Great Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Books-c32aa2f0-115e-4de2-a63e-f080722fc540-jpeg
    Collection of (8) Great Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Books-398ee556-2c3f-40eb-adbf-aa6dc12c556f-jpg
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    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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