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    Not at all sure if I want to do this, but I'm kinda leaning towards more vintage-y options, so let's see if there is any interest...
    Ideally, I would trade (+ cash from me) for an L-5 or a Super 400, but I will consider selling for $5,000 (net to me).

    The condition is very good to excellent with only minor blemishes and the gold worn off the pickup slightly. Here are the specs:

    - Highly figured Solid Big Leaf Maple body
    - Aged & Seasoned Alaskan Sitka Spruce top
    - Three piece Rock Maple neck
    - Ebony Fingerboard
    - 25'' Scale length
    - 16'' Body
    - 1-3/4 nut
    - 2'' Body depth
    - 7.6 lbs
    - Gotoh 21:1 Tuners
    - Bone Nut
    - Dual action Truss Rod
    - Kent Armstrong Humbucker 7.2k
    - Additional Duncan Seth Lover Humbucker 7.4k
    - Additional Ebony Saddle Tune-O-Matic bridge

    Comes with a hard-shell case, an additional pickup and an additional bridge which are listed in the specs.

    Buscarino Prodigy-front_full-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-front_main-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-front_2-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-back_main-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-back_2-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-right-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-tailpiece-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-head_main-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-head_2-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-head_back-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-head_back_2-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-ding_1-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-inside-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-fretboard_2-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-fretboard-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-bridge-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-bridge_2-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-seth_1-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-seth_2-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-armstrong-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-case-jpg


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    Gorgeous! I had to look up this model as it’s new to me…
    The Prodigy Archtop — Buscarino Guitars

    Found this on YouTube, which appears to be this guitar based on the unique headstock coloring.

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    Damn that's nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Z View Post
    Found this on YouTube, which appears to be this guitar based on the unique headstock coloring.
    Thanks for posting this, Steve! I meant to, but forgot.
    I agree, it's unlikely there are two of these with exactly the same wood grain pattern on the headstock

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    I’m wondering if this guitar is still available?



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    I still have it, but I'm mostly interested in trading.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rumata View Post
    I still have it, but I'm mostly interested in trading.
    DM Sent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paulie2 View Post
    DM Sent
    Checking back on my DM

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    Beautiful guitar! Good luck with your trade.

    BTW, Noel is a GREAT player based in the Dallas-Ft Worth area. Don't know anyone as deep into theory and can put it into play as he does. And he can make it relatable and break it down to those like me who don't have that gift.

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    It took me some time to respond to DM’s since I’ve been traveling a lot lately. The guitar is still available, but I’m mostly interested in trading (+ cash from me) for a Super 400 (or perhaps an L5). I won’t be too sad if this guitar stays with me indefinitely though

    Also, just so there is no confusion, it’s not me in the video, but I do like how Noel Johnston plays!

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    Considering the pedigree and price that’s a Great Deal for a Buscarino!

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    Man, I hope you don't regret this.