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    Not at all sure if I want to do this, but I'm kinda leaning towards more vintage-y options, so let's see if there is any interest...
    Ideally, I would trade (+ cash from me) for an L-5 or a Super 400, but I will consider selling for $5,000 (net to me).

    The condition is very good to excellent with only minor blemishes and the gold worn off the pickup slightly. Here are the specs:

    - Highly figured Solid Big Leaf Maple body
    - Aged & Seasoned Alaskan Sitka Spruce top
    - Three piece Rock Maple neck
    - Ebony Fingerboard
    - 25'' Scale length
    - 16'' Body
    - 1-3/4 nut
    - 2'' Body depth
    - 7.6 lbs
    - Gotoh 21:1 Tuners
    - Bone Nut
    - Dual action Truss Rod
    - Kent Armstrong Humbucker 7.2k
    - Additional Duncan Seth Lover Humbucker 7.4k
    - Additional Ebony Saddle Tune-O-Matic bridge

    Comes with a hard-shell case, an additional pickup and an additional bridge which are listed in the specs.

    Buscarino Prodigy-front_full-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-front_main-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-front_2-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-back_main-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-back_2-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-right-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-tailpiece-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-head_main-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-head_2-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-head_back-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-head_back_2-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-ding_1-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-inside-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-fretboard_2-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-fretboard-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-bridge-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-bridge_2-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-seth_1-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-seth_2-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-armstrong-jpg

    Buscarino Prodigy-case-jpg


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    Gorgeous! I had to look up this model as it’s new to me…
    The Prodigy Archtop — Buscarino Guitars

    Found this on YouTube, which appears to be this guitar based on the unique headstock coloring.

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    Damn that's nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Z
    Found this on YouTube, which appears to be this guitar based on the unique headstock coloring.
    Thanks for posting this, Steve! I meant to, but forgot.
    I agree, it's unlikely there are two of these with exactly the same wood grain pattern on the headstock