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    Available for Purchase: RPG Electronics (made/sold by Raezer’s Edge) “Black Canyon Reverb” pedal – Mint (basically brand new)!!

    Lots of reverb pedal talk here lately, so I've been experimenting!

    From the site:
    “The Black Canyon is a reverb unlike any other in production. When most people think of reverb, it’s the springy 60’s surf type found in most amplifiers of the era, and it is a unique, useable sound. Real reverb however is a little different. The Black Canyon starts with a lush organic sounding reverb, but in a live setting reverb is not an instant sound.
    Think of it this way… if you are in a large room and you clap your hands. First, you will hear the clap, and then a delay as the sound travels to bounce off reflecting surfaces. It then returns from a number of sources. The distance control allows the player to set how far those sounds are coming from. This allows a much more natural sounding reverb. The edge control is a subtle effect that shifts the source the reverb comes from.

    The pedal is full bypass and operates from a battery or 9v center pin negative supply. This is the same reverb built into our Luna 200R amplifier.”

    So, full disclosure: I have the Luna 200R, and like the reverb settings, and I like this pedal with my tube, no-reverb amp. As an “always on” effect, you will like it, too! To my ears, there is a slight volume drop when you turn it on, so if you go back and forth between different pedals, that may (or may not) bother you. Otherwise, this is in perfect condition, and has diverse settings to match your taste! [The spongy back-side is stock, from the maker.]

    New: $180; you can get this, shipped to the lower 48 States, for $145 !! [Will ship elsewhere for actual shipping.]

    Thanks for looking!


    RPG/Raezer's Edge "Black Canyon Reverb" pedal - MINT!!-bc-front-jpgRPG/Raezer's Edge "Black Canyon Reverb" pedal - MINT!!-bc-back-jpg
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    Hi All,
    Thanks for the few trade offer PMs! Not needing any small items right now, though. And yes: all sales are "or best offer!"