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    $1300 shipped, continental US only.

    New these go for $1700. Best acoustic pickup system I've ever used. Great guitar, but also my least played, as I am really a steel string guy...eyeing something else, so this must go!

    One small ding in top, pictured.

    Will include original gig bag.

    Godin Grand Concert Duet Ambiance-20210718_085640-01-jpg

    Godin Grand Concert Duet Ambiance-20210718_085627-01-jpg
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    Great sounding nylon string guitar.
    Good Luck with the sale.

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    Thanks kris! I'd like this to go to a forum member.

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    Too soon to ask what’s replacing this one?

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    I got word from a good source that a certain Martin I've had my eyes on for a year is being discontinued. So I want to pounce.

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    Giving it a bump before it hits an online retailer.

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    Beautiful spruce color and grain. Did you add the taping plate yourself? I can't tell if it's two pieces, or one big one going under the strings.

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    I did, its one piece going under the strings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr. beaumont
    I did, its one piece going under the strings.
    Nice work.

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    Nice guitar. Hope the sale goes quickly and well for you.

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    Thanks to medblues for the "sales lead."