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    Purchased directly from VB in 2016 when he was still in the New York workshop. Very good condition other than a small ding on the binding on the lower top bout. Super light weight, strung with roundwound 12’s, frets in good shape, Reunion Blues gig Bag. Ideally I’d like buyer to inspect and try here in SE London and collection only. I have pics of the guitar being built and can supply on request and it’s still on the Victor Baker website, (you can see what it cost), any questions please get in touch. Price £3750 ONO.

    VB's spec:
    Model 14- Aged Sika Spruce / single hum Throbak Peter Green / catseye soundholes / Italian maple back and sides heavy figure / floating soundpost block / flame maple neck / ebony / 25? 635mm scale / 1-11/16 43mm nut / 21 frets / no inlay / Burnt Sienna stain with nitro topcoat

    Victor baker model 14 jazz guitar 2016-img_0468-jpgVictor baker model 14 jazz guitar 2016-img_0469-jpgVictor baker model 14 jazz guitar 2016-img_0470-jpgVictor baker model 14 jazz guitar 2016-img_0474-jpgVictor baker model 14 jazz guitar 2016-img_0472-jpgVictor baker model 14 jazz guitar 2016-img_0478-jpgVictor baker model 14 jazz guitar 2016-img_0480-jpgVictor baker model 14 jazz guitar 2016-img_0471-jpgVictor baker model 14 jazz guitar 2016-img_0476-jpgVictor baker model 14 jazz guitar 2016-img_0475-jpgVictor baker model 14 jazz guitar 2016-img_0477-jpgVictor baker model 14 jazz guitar 2016-img_0482-jpgVictor baker model 14 jazz guitar 2016-img_0483-jpgVictor baker model 14 jazz guitar 2016-img_0484-jpg
    Attached Images Attached Images Victor baker model 14 jazz guitar 2016-img_0467-jpg 


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    Beautiful guitar I think Victor is a very fine jazz guitar style player as well. Good luck with the sale.

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    Good price for a VB guitar. The pickup choice is interesting, I had to look them up: "Peter Green" P.A.F.: ThroBak PG-102 Repro PAF Pickups - ThroBak

    If I had the money...sadly I don't. But good luck with the sale.

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    Hi, Are you willing to ship to the USA?

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    Hi, sorry just seen your reply. I could look into it but it could get expensive. Let me know if you're still interested. thanks, Tony

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    Im still interested! I live in Santa Barbara, CA

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    Hi, I've made some enquiries and if I insure the guitar for $5000 the shipping will be around $400, the guitar will be packed in its Reunion Blues Continental gig bag then in a guitar box with as much padding as I can get in. I must admit I am nervous shipping it, if it was a bolt on neck solid body I wouldn't be. What do think? Thanks, Tony

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    I’m not put off about shipping necessarily. After all, these instruments have to get around the world somehow. Can you pm me and perhaps we can communicate in more detail about this instrument?

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    Man, that is a real beauty.