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    Hi Folks,

    Purchased not long ago (from marcut) and previously owned (by omphalopsychos) and Archtop.com (1938 Epiphone Broadway), this 1938 Epiphone Broadway is by far the best vintage archtop that I have ever owned. It not only looks nearly new it plays like a dream with a loud bark and beautiful tone. The setup is awesome with a 1.75" nut and great neck angle. All components are original and the finish has only light play-wear. the binding is tight to the body. The case is newer and of good quality.

    One picture shows the guitar fitted with an early DeArmond Rythym Chief which sounds awesome (It is not included)

    Also, the last picture shows what is likely the original strap button location which has simply been removed and covered with a small piece of felt with a screw. Who knows when or why?

    I would not part with this but as they say timing is everything. I have an even older 34' Epi Deluxe being brought back to its full glory at Archtop.com so something has to give. I thought I would list this first.

    Asking $4200 and will include shipping and insurance in the states.
    Thank you,

    Attached Images Attached Images 38' Epiphone Broadway-38-epi-b1-jpeg 38' Epiphone Broadway-38-epi-b2-jpg 38' Epiphone Broadway-38-epi-b3-jpg 38' Epiphone Broadway-38-epi-b4-jpg 38' Epiphone Broadway-38-epi-b5-jpg 38' Epiphone Broadway-38-epi-b6-jpg 38' Epiphone Broadway-38-epi-b7-jpg 38' Epiphone Broadway-38-epi-b10-jpeg 38' Epiphone Broadway-38-epi-b8-jpg 
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    Pre-Fourth Bump

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    What a gorgeous instrument!! GLWTS

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    Exceptional vintage acoustic archtop. The 38 Broadway I played was great. This one is in better shape. Nice.

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    Bump on a Tuesday