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    I'm selling a 2015 112-ER (extended range). It's the JazzAmp with the tweeter option... And the eminence speaker from his (at the time discontinued) BluesAmp model. In all other respects it's the JazzAmp 112.

    I'm asking $1,220 for it on reverb:



    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    That's interesting. I bought a 'BluesAmp' several years back and made it a 'JazzAmp' version of the JazzAmp by buying and installing a new speaker from Weber.
    Same amps, only different speakers! If I ever decide to return to my blues harmonica days, I'll switch speakers! Ha!

    Great Amp. GLWTS!

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    I like the clarity of the tone controls labeled by frequency instead of Bass, Lo Mid, Mid etc.


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    FTR I am not really looking for another amp, but I am wondering about how much this guy weighs, and what kind if HF tweeter is in it.

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    It weighs 32 lbs. Not sure what the make/model of the tweeter is (if that's what you are asking). But it has an on/off switch so you can choose when/if to engage it. I normally only turned it on when using a hollow body or an acoustic guitar.

    Here's a review from Vintage Guitar magazine (from a LONG time ago) that gives more info:

    Henriksen’s JazzAmp 112-ER | Vintage Guitar(R) magazine