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    This is a 2009 Sadowsky Semi-Hollow in Violin Burst. I'm the original owner who dropped out of the electric world shortly after I bought it till covid hit last year and I pulled out my amps and a few pedals and having a blast at age 71. I've got too much gear and needing to let go of some of it.

    The guitar is in excellent condition, minimal fret wear, silent electronics. I'm pretty sure it's nitro finish from before the switch to some kind of poly. It's a bit browner than the bright sunlight pics show. The pickguard is in the OHSC.

    I'm asking $3100 plus shipping, continental US only.

    Thanks for looking,
    Latif Burdick
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    These are great guitars. Good luck with the sale

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    Thanks for the good wishes!

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    Is this the long scale version? Are these good for rock with overdrive? I play jam band style music and am looking for a good hollowbody.

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    Hi, this the short scale version, 24.75", Gibson like. LPs and 335s have a great rock history with the short scale. The pups are supposedly modeled in the PAF style , definitely on the milder side so a good clean tone is there. I'm not a rocker per se, play an eclectic mix and acoustic guitar is my main style. That said I remember Jack Zucker from this forum had a video where he got great creamy high sustain overdrive. My overdrive pedals are Zendrive and Timmy and I've been able to coax some good sounds limited only by own lack of experience. I do think this guitar would be a fine axe for jamband music. It's somewhere close to 6# and very well balanced neck to body.

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    I've decided to drop the asking price $200. It's still a great guitar!

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    Is this still available?

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    Good morning,

    Yes , the guitar is still available. I’m traveling at the moment and internet is spotty so hope this goes through.

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    I’m very interested. I just signed onto the forum so not sure whether it’s ok to put contact info here.

    I tried to private message you but not allowed.

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    Title says it all, sold, shipped and delivered without a hitch. Thanks for all the interest!