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    mine also
    all my gear donated to a foundation named after my grandfather

    Quote Originally Posted by steve burchfield
    Yes its already in my will as I described.


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    Quote Originally Posted by steve burchfield
    I sometimes wonder what will become of my precious costly music equipment collection when I die. I'm single so no relatives to pass it to. The best I have been able to come up with is Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Ark. my area. The thought of minority children having quality instruments they could borrow as beginners is appealing to me. I would want BB and BS to keep them and loan them to interested students. At one time I named a black jazz music professor as a overseer for minority community use of the equipment. Guitarists like Charlie Christian and Wes Montgomery gave me a lot so maybe I can help the upcoming minority guitarist after I die. I would like others thoughts on this in case you have better ideas on this then I do. Thank-you!!!
    This is a great thread, and to start I hope everyone is feeling better and getting better! My only thought is that archtops are fragile, and youngsters don't always understand fragile very well. That said, an average L5 could likely be turned into 15 Telecasters (or similar), which can also do jazz and aren't terribly fragile. If you were to do something like that, you could reach more kids, and one of them might not know they had the itch, or the talent, until they had the guitar in their hands. Either way, it's a wondrously generous gift and I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vinnyv1k
    Might take up too much internet bandwidth…..LOL
    Vinny I didn't know. You are definitely in my prayers. And of course 2B as well.

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    I don’t think it’s a cop-out, but honest I pray for all of us Boomers on this forum. If you don’t have a few rips and bumps now, they’re out there somewhere.
    Vinny and 2B much love and grace.

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    @vinny1k sorry to hear about the cancer. Best wishes

    @2bornot2bop sorry to hear about the health issues Best wishes

    @Crm114 congratulations on a beautiful instrument. I have a blonde 18” Heritage custom Eagle in my collection. At least one Heritage belongs in any guitarist’s arsenal.

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    I've done a few eulogies the last couple of decades. One was my father's. He was a Clint Eastwood fan, so I included some Clint quotes. The final one was from Unforgiven. "We all got it coming, kid."

    I wish all the forum members make the most of the time they have and that time treats them well and kindly.