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    I bought this in March 2021 from Lou at Guitars and Jazz. I thought I would like the smaller size and scale -but I don’t, so am pleased to offer it to forum members at a great price and avoid reverb and other headaches. I paid Lou $2200 plus shipping, which was already a bargain - I’ll sell here for $1800 plus shipping. Includes hard shell case. It’s essentially brand new, lightly played, a sweet one with that MT sound. I believe when I bought it that it was the last new MT Maestro available in the US. Any takers?

    I will mention - since Lou did - that as you can see from the pictures, there is a slightly lighter shaded section on the upper top, which is just cosmetic and I actually think looks good/neutral but of course that is up to the individual. Lou told me the shading will fade over time…
    Attached Images Attached Images Peerless Martin Taylor Maestro-c9fd5f14-49c7-4765-abe6-cb1c16db4efb-jpeg Peerless Martin Taylor Maestro-c0c78241-6641-4450-9a0a-8f856f87e8df-jpeg Peerless Martin Taylor Maestro-731c6192-f457-463f-9a73-3e0a8a7a7616-jpeg Peerless Martin Taylor Maestro-3b762b08-07c6-4d48-aa7b-ec8a5d9ae354-jpeg 


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    Traded it with another forum member…nice to have this forum to share and connect with other jazz and guitar lovers…