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    This is the well known DV Mark Micro50 amp head. It is the older model with no effects loop but the XLR direct line out. It works perfectly except (and this is BIG for some) the aux. input cuts in and out. Someone handy with a soldering iron and printed circuits might be able to fix it, but I basically DO NOT USE the aux. input. I removed the cover once to see if there was something inside I could fix, but found nothing and replaced the cover. Unfortunately, one screw was lost (indicated by arrow in the picture) and there are few scuffs in the paint. I have used this amp since then and it works fine. Therefore, no returns based on these issues are accepted since I've fully disclosed this.

    I am a fan of the DV Mark amps, as opposed to Quilter. I like their response, their versatility with speakers, their common-sense control layout.

    This comes with appropriate (thought not original) box, power cord, but I can't find the instruction booklet, which is available at the DV Mark website for download.

    $150 shipped in the CONUS. Venmo or PayPal "Friends and Family" preferred.

    DV Mark Micro50 Head-0-img_0049-jpgDV Mark Micro50 Head-0-img_0048-jpgDV Mark Micro50 Head-0-img_0050-jpgDV Mark Micro50 Head-0-img_0051-jpg
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