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    Hi Guys,

    I'm also listing here my Palomino solo. I've got too many guitars, and have been looking around at what gets played most often and what doesn't, and this is one of those situations where this one just deserves to get back out there and find its way into the hands of someone who will appreciate it again!

    I upgraded the floating pickup on this one with a Kent Armstrong hand wound version. The original will be included in the case. As you can see in my photos, the screw holes for this did not line up with the old ones, but no worries--I decided not to drill new ones, as it works great as it is.

    The tailpiece is ebony (not plastic) as is stated sometimes about this model.

    I sourced the case from Elderly when I got the guitar a couple of years ago--also very nice, and it fits the guitar like a glove.

    I had it professionally set up with .012 flat wounds a couple of years ago, and the frets were leveled, crowned, and polished at the same time. Neck is full but not baseball-bat-like, and like the other Dean that I have listed here, it plays (and sounds) like a dream.

    600.00 gets it shipped anywhere in the contiguous US states. I know that sounds like a lot, but shipping a guitar is through the roof these days. Local deals will be easier on the wallet.



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    Up for this one, as well.

    I'm slowly working my way toward owning and playing only my core group of guitars. Give this one a look . . . the quality is there, and it may really surprise you.

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    Bump . . .

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    Up for more.