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    Hi All,

    Today I'm listing one of my favorite back-up guitars, this beautiful Dean.

    This is the less-common seven-sound version, with one volume and two tone controls. The volume is a pull-up control which allows you to get the bridge and neck together, and then all three pickups in addition to the five traditional "Strat" sounds that three pickups provide.

    I primarily used this one for jazz (neck pickup), as well as some rockabilly-type music. These P90s are great: I'm a P90 lover, and considered replacing these with something "nicer," but these work great, just as they are!

    Frets were professionally leveled, crowned, and polished a couple of years ago, and it's currently set up with a set of (.012) flatwounds. There is no fret wear, and the neck is nice and full, without being too big, like a baseball bat.

    I sourced the correct hardshell case for it directly from the distributors in Florida a few years back.

    Super-nice guitar!

    700.00 gets it shipped anywhere in the contiguous US. I know that sounds like a lot, but shipping a guitar, as you know, costs so much these days. If you want to deal locally, let me know, and the price will be a good bit lower.


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    I saw one of these in one of my favorite store. It looked to be a great variation on a classic. Best of luck with the sale!

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    Thanks, citizenk74!

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    Up for more. These Deans are solidly made, and will surprise you . . . .

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    Taking it up once more . . .

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    Any interest this weekend?