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    I really hate to let this one go but I need to sell it in order to fund another purchase. "38 Broadway (serial # 13176) in excellent shape. I bought it several years ago off of forum member omphalopsychos and I believe there's an NGD thread about the guitar along with some of his playing. I thought I would post it here before listing on Reverb. I live in the SF Bay Area and am hoping for a local sale but open to shipping. $4000 plus shipping.
    Here's the archtop.com listing from a few years ago in all of it's hyperbolic glory:https://www.archtop.com/ac_37bwy715.html


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    Are those your photos?

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    I wish. Those are from a posting a couple of years ago when it was listed on the Down Home Music site.

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    As a previous owner of this guitar I can attest to the wonderful sonority of the instrument! Loud and thick sound. Great for rhythm, chord melody, and single note soloing. Also sounds amazing with a DeArmond floating pickup.

    Having done business with marcut I also endorse him as an upright guy!