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    2006 build by Peter Hopkins of British Columbia, his "Contessa" model. Excellent overall condition, plays light and easy. 17" lower bout, 3" deep, 25" scale, nut is 1-11/16". Sitka spruce top, maple back, sides and neck, matching burl head stock, pick guard and tailpiece. Floating KA pickup, stealth vol and tone. Peter's guitars surface from time to time but this one is particularly lovely in my opinion, and Peter is no longer building.

    When I bought the guitar I discovered that the socket at the end of the truss rod was cracked, probably from using the wrong size wrench. The only feasible repair was to replace the darn thing, which cost me $1,000. The luthier who did the work did a super job and the guitar plays beautifully.

    There was also a small issue with the woods laminated to the back of the peg head, the very tip had come unglued. In order to regale this and make it feel right, the luthier had to sand through the orange finish and he was unable to match the color. This could be re-done by someone who cared (I don't).

    It's a spectacular guitar, easy to play and very lively. Price to forum friends is $3500 plus fees and shipping.

    Hopkins "The Contessa"-8e7bb032-d2fe-407f-9c44-4c626660cf6a_1_201_a-jpgHopkins "The Contessa"-fcb8e971-cd3d-47c3-9aa8-9aef4d98861b_1_201_a-jpegHopkins "The Contessa"-90c1856d-8c39-4248-a39c-0195e0e6e011_1_201_a-jpgHopkins "The Contessa"-8bc617d5-1cfc-409f-882f-a8388a21a189_1_201_a-jpegHopkins "The Contessa"-756ec732-12d7-4130-bdfe-0e790df3e937_1_201_a-jpgHopkins "The Contessa"-9ee9d996-ea8b-4fe1-b385-9eb8bccd64bc_1_201_a-jpgHopkins "The Contessa"-905a1709-9455-40ab-bec9-93b90329f949_1_201_a-jpg
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    Beautiful Guitar! I've admired Peter Hopkins guitars for some time. I wish I needed another archtop, someone will be quite happy no doubt!

    Just curious about neck specs?

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    It is a stunning piece of work. It's a 25" scale, 1 3/4" at the nut. I don't really know how to describe the shape other than comfortable- thinner than my '59 L7, but not skinny at all. Thanks for asking.

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    Someone is going to get a great guitar at great price!

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    Beautiful guitar!! GLWTS!

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    I'm sad to hear he stopped building. I always thought I might be able to afford a commission some day. You know...British Columbia and all. Body looks to be around 2 3/4 x 16. Right in my wheelhouse. The Carpathian burl is a classy touch and his tailpiece is one of my faves. Right up there with Campellone.

    This is my kind of deal. I don't mind a bit of wear and tear if it gets me an instrument I wouldn't otherwise be able to buy. Unfortunately the time ain't right for me just now.

    This is sure to make someone very happy!

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    I owned a 16" version of this guitar for about 3 years. It was excellent and the neck was extremely comfortable. All the Hopkins guitars I've seen have been excellent.