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    It’s time to thin the guitar book and CD library!

    I began playing jazz guitar in 2011 and like a lot of beginners, I searched for and collected a large library of books and CD/DVD’s - many based on recommendations of forum members, others based on reviews. Most are jazz-related. I will update the list from time to time, so check back again if books are your thing.


    • Condition: The majority of these books are in like-new condition, and for the most part, they are free of highlights and pen or pencil marks. Covers are clean and crisp. Exceptions are noted. Apologies in advance if I missed a random scribble!
    • Prices: All books are priced at 50% of the printed cover price unless noted.
    • Shipping: $3 per book via USPS Media Mail.
    • Buying: send me a PM with book titles you want and I'll send you instructions for payment.

    SONG BOOKS (play-a-along with CD)

    • Jazz Standards for Solo Guitar by John Stein | Berklee Press | $10
    • Jazz Greats | Hal Leonard Vol 44 | $7.50
    • Jazz | Hal Leonard Vol 16 | $8.00
    • Jazz in the Sanctuary by Chuck Marohnic | $10
    • The Ventures | Hal Leonard Vol 116 | $7.50
    • Early Rock Instrumentals | Hal Leonard Vol 92 | $6.50
    • Original Jeff Beck by Mark Michaels | $5
    • Joe Satriani: is there love in space? | $12
    • Christmas Favorites 2nd Edition: easy guitar with notes and tab | $5

    METHOD BOOKS (with CD)

    • Dave Stryker’s Jazz Guitar Improvisation Method Vol. II | $12.50
    • The Jazz Guitar Handbook by Rod Fogg | $15
    • A Modern Method for Guitar Volume 1 by William Leavitt | Berklee Press | This book includes highlights and pencil & pens markings on ups 1-71 of 125. Otherwise in good condition. Includes DVD. |$10
    • A Modern Method for Guitar Volume 2 by William Leavitt | Berklee Press | $12
    • A Modern Method for Guitar Jazz Songbook Volume 1 | Berklee Press | New $14.99 | $7.50
    • Joe Pass on Guitar | $10
    • Beginning Jazz Guitar: the complete jazz guitar method (book) by Jody Fisher | $15
    • Beginning Jazz Guitar: the complete jazz guitar method (DVD) by Jody Fisher | $10
    • Source Code: The Precision Technique by Robert Conti | $15
    • Ticket To Improv by Robert Conti (DVD) | $10
    • Chord Tone Soloing by Barrett Tagliarino | $12.50
    • Pat Metheny Guitar Etudes: warm-up exercises for guitar | $8 (CD was not included)
    • Guitar Theory Illustrated by Don Latarski | $12.50

    JAMEY AEBERSOLD JAZZ (includes play-along CD)

    • Maiden Voyage Vol. 54 | autographed by Jamey | $8
    • Killer Joe Vol. 70 | $8
    • Horace Silver Vol. 17 | $10
    • Antonio Carlos Jobim Bossa Nova Vol 98 | $8


    • Voices in Jazz Guitar by Joe Barth | $15
    • Improvising Jazz by Jerry Coker | $7
    • The Gibson Electric Guitar Book by Walter Carter | $12.50
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    Quite a collection you have there. Are you keeping a lot for yourself or only a few books?

    They say you can tell a man's hobby by what he spends money on. It is clear you went all in!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlsoRan
    Quite a collection you have there. Are you keeping a lot for yourself or only a few books?
    Oh yes, I have a great library of Aebersold backing tracks; woodshed stuff like Blues in All Keys, Major and Minor, ii-V-I, and Dom 7 Workout. I have some great books on Gibson guitars, and some wonderful player bios (Martino, Green, Montgomery, Metheny), and the Real Book collection continues to grow!

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    Sale Closed. Thank you, all for looking and buying.

    I have donated the remaining books to the local library.

    Cheers and stay in tune!