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    I have a very special amp for sale, one of my personal favorites.. This amp by Michiel Helsloot from the Netherlands is a recreation of the Gibson EH 185, the holy grail of early electric jazz guitar sounds. I bought this from a shop in Spokane a few years ago, second hand. It originally had a Celestion Gold 12" Alnico, which is an awesome speaker, but when I took it to my tech for servicing, he told me he had a vintage 1940s Rola field coil speaker and offered to install it. For those of you in the know, field coil speakers are essential contributors to the sound we associate with Charlie Christian and other early electric guitarists of the swing era. This amp is the closest in tone to a real Gibson EH 185 of any modern amp you are likely ever to encounter. And this *specific* one especially so because of the speaker modification. One extra cool feature of this amp is that it has a built-in attenuator, which lets you choose the level of octal tube grind you want at any volume. The edge of breakup tone from this amp is amazing! This amp has gotten really amazing reviews across the internet, including from Guitar.com.

    I've recorded a number of clips with this amp, see below.

    Because this amp is so heavy, I am requesting a local pickup from the buyer. I am in the Bay Area California

    Specs below:

    2 independent channels: Instrument (low-gain) and Microphone (high-gain)
    2 independent channel volume controls
    1 tone control - acts as a bass-boost
    1 master control - speaker attenuator
    3 x NOS 6SQ7 preamp tubes - brand and metal or glass depending on availability
    1 x NOS 6N7 phase inverter - brand and metal or glass depending on availability
    1 x 5U4G rectifier
    2 x 6L6G Coke Bottle output tubes
    Cathode biassed Class A Push-Pull Triode mode operation - Output ~15W
    Oversized shellac lacquered tweed cabinet
    Custom leather handles and amp corners on top and sides
    Single tap 8-ohm output transformer
    L-Pad attenuator


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    very cool...i know michiel from way back on the gdp...when he was developing the amp...as many by now know, i think celestion golds are the best alnico speakers out there today...but to mod that amp for a field coil?!...and a rola no less!...that's hardcore authentic...props

    luck with sale

    you been puttin some real classics up...quite a collection..bravo my friend


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    Love the amp. Is it still available?

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    Yep still here! Shoot me a PM.

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    Is it possible to have the amp shipped?

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    I strongly prefer local pickup given the size and weight of this amp, but I will consider it for buyers willing to pay all shipping costs. If you're interested in shipping, send me a PM with your zip and I'll calculate costs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JP29! View Post
    Love the amp. Is it still available?

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    It's a shame I live in the wrong country! That's a glorious sounding amplifier.