I have an ES-175 pickguard that has been sitting in my parts drawer for a long time. I held on to it in case I ever found a nice single pickup 175 in need of an original pickguard. So far, that hasn’t happened, so I was wondering if any of my friends here on this forum need one. It’s in good shape, with some scratches and very little warping. It has the block underneath, but no bracket. This version has the screw hole with reinforcement to attach to the top near the neck, which makes me think it’s probably mid-sixties. I would like to get $200 USD plus shipping from Canada for it. I am sure it could be modified to fit a double pickup 175 as well.

Mid-sixties ES-175 pickguard (single pickup version)-09a8b651-4831-4c25-97c2-2829483a10a2-jpg