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    Mesa Boogie Rosette 300/ Two:Eight Acoustic Amp – Elderly Instruments

    Pre-Gibson for that extra bit of indie mojo. Heh! Heh!


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    Nice! Reading the write up it appears that they do not ship amps anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildcat
    Nice! Reading the write up it appears that they do not ship amps anymore.
    Too bad, that's a great price. Nice easy deal for someone in the area.

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    If I lived close to it (I am not) I wouldn't mind picking it up and shipping for a forum member after they pay for it. Help a brother out.

    That's a really nice amp and good price.

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    I corresponded with Elderly. They would ship it provided you signed an indemnity indemnifying Elderly against any shipping damage. You would also have to hire and instruct your own shipping agent to pick it up from Elderly; they won't ship it on their shipping account even if you paid them for it. Elderly would pack it with packing paper in a box or you could send them your preferred packing materials or box.

    It was unworkable for me. A new one costs $1349 plus free shipping, Mesa warranty and music vendor reward points. I got New Year's Day Reward Points for my One:Ten Rosette which were substantial: I redeemed a very nice pedalboard power supply for the Points that I had wanted anyway. I figured with $100 shipping fee shipping it to me, $50 packing materials and a box from Mesa including $25 fee shipping them to Elderly, $875 amp, and no warranty a $1050 used Rosette is not saving me much at all.

    I thought it would be best if it remained a local sale.

    PS I heard from Mesa Eng.: the packing materials and box cost $30 to $35 BUT UPS charges $92.50 even at Mesa's commercial rates. Just don't throw out the factory packaging, fellows.
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