Ramirez 1A classical-a2912684-4232-495d-9427-53209397e6c5-jpegRamirez 1A classical-ce79378f-0451-4824-b734-c0d45a048e23-jpegRamirez 1A classical-e139eae2-9ea7-4ada-b072-73e259d311ff-jpeg

This is a very loud and open sounding guitar. It’s a traditional Spanish instrument with an incredibly quick attack and response, with vast amounts of potential tonal colors. It’s very easy to play with silky, warm trebles. The basses are big and sing freely while not being boomy. The different timbres on this guitar are easily accessed and manipulated.

There are some weather/finish cracks and a couple of string dings as well as an unusual discoloration where the right arm contacts the soundboard. These flaws have no negative effect on the sound.

If you don’t mind the aesthetics, this is a very good example of a very good Ramirez from this time period.

With hardshell case

Scale length: 651mm - Nut width: 52mm

Being sold on consignment through GSP guitar in San Francisco: 1999 Jose Ramirez 1a Classical Guitar