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    1999 Westerly RI
    Blonde Guild Savoy X-150D in overall very good condition.
    Only cosmetic flaw is small checking on neck binding. And some light random surface checking on body. Ships in OHSC.
    Priced to sell.. $1100 plus shipping.
    1999 Guild X150D-3139a8ef-18d8-454a-b32c-f97da31dc5c2-jpg1999 Guild X150D-b76b2398-da86-46ff-b42d-6721ae2c58ad-jpg1999 Guild X150D-0706009b-9145-4149-9372-b679ae4a7df5-jpg1999 Guild X150D-80683d53-6301-4157-9676-c0d567d8682f-jpg


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    very nice usa made x-150 DB..Double pickup Blonde!...for around the same $$$$ as a new asian made savoy....cool!



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    That’s a really excellent buy on a solidly built real Guild. I’ve seen these sell for $1500, and that was years ago when these were more common than they are today!

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    This guitar has sold..