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    2020 Henriksen Blu 10" Latest Generation
    2020 Henriksen Blu TEN w/TUKI padded cover - 9 + shipping & fees-blu-ten-72dpi-front-cutout-1-jpg
    2020 Henriksen Blu TEN w/TUKI padded cover - 9 + shipping & fees-blu-ten-top-72dpi-jpg

    I've owned this one and the 6". The 10" sounds way better and only weighs a couple of lbs more. This thing is amazingly portable and sounds wonderful at any volume. The ported cabinet design is really awesome. It is mint and I've still got the original box that it shipped in.

    For reference, these currently sell for $1299 and you can only purchase them directly from Henriksen with a 6-8 week wait. Retailers are no longer carrying them. I know I could sell this for way more if I listed on Reverb, but I'm continuing my philosophy of cutting transaction costs to sell at a lower price to the community on this forum instead of funding an e-commerce empire that wants to drive small music shops out of business.

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    Da**, if this was a Bud 10 I'd jump on it right now. Should sell today.

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    I had the pleasure of buying an amp from this forum member a year ago. Easy and honest. This is a great deal. Buy with confidence.

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    Local Sale Pending!

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    Quote Originally Posted by omphalopsychos
    Local Sale Pending!
    Omph is a good guy to do business with everyone. Now that I have a Blu 6 and a Blu 10 I will figure out the pros and cons of each and report back.

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    As is Stringswinger! Had fun meeting you and chatting, too. Hope this amp accompanies you on many future gigs.

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    This is very cool.
    2 good guys. Love it!