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    1997 Gibson ES-165 for sale-qh2fkozfvd1u07yekmfe-jpg

    Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis | Ms. Joey's Music Stuff | Reverb

    1997 ES-165 (serial number 94017965) plays great but shows some signs of wear and tear. I played this mostly from 1998-2006 and it's been inactive since i stopped playing jazz gigs regularly (i usually play my les paul). The knobs aren’t original and the pickgaurd has been removed and is not included. Comes with a TKL hard case - black leather strap and humidifier.


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Your ask on reverb is $1,900.
    What's your ask on this forum (which you are supposed to include as per the forum rules.)?

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    same price $1800 + $100 shipping

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    I know that street down there!