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    This is a one-of-a-kind archtop made by Italian luthier Corrado Giacomel, who became known for making mandolins for David Grisman. David's F5 mandolin is similarly shaped to this guitar, and was the inspiration for a mass-produced mandolin by Eastman. Guitar is in excellent condition with one small scratch on the soundboard and two small scratches on the back that were on the guitar when I bought it. Specs are:

    Italian alpine moonspruce top
    carved maple back and sides
    Ebony trim
    Nut width 1 11/16

    This is likely the only six-string F-hole archtop guitar by Giacomel; I know of no other guitar like it in existence. I purchased it from Gruhn about four years ago for $13,500 and have the original Gruhn appraisal included. During the time I have owned it, I had the luthier make two small modifications for me; swapping out the pickguard and tailpiece to ebony, and adding a tone control to the Armstrong floating pickup. I also had Burton LeGeyt make a bespoke set of tuners for the guitar; the original tuners were small grovers, and they were at unusual odds with the shape of the headstock; Burton machined some Waverly tuners with extended shafts to mimic what tuners would look like on an F-style mandolin. Those upgrades cost me about $1000 total. Additionally, the guitar came from Gruhn with a very beat-up old Gibson archtop case that was in the process of falling apart and was barely good enough for shipping. While the guitar was up at Burton's, I had it swing by Jeff Hoffee's shop and he created a custom carbon fiber case for it that was about $1200.

    This is an excellent jazz guitar, and does well plugged in and rolled off in the Montgomery style. I typically have flatwounds on it for that style of playing. Additionally, it does very well with Argentine gypsy style strings and make an absolutely killer gypsy jazz guitar. It pains me to no end to list this instrument, but strange financial times have me listing almost all my guitars and watches except for a few irreplaceable items.

    Price to you is 11k. Paypal Ok, likely to use Fedex shipping.

    Fretboard Journal article about Corrado:

    The Bold Vision of Luthier Corrado Giacomel | Fretboard Journal

    YT Vid with a similar Giacomel


    The Jazz Guitar Chord Dictionary
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    Can I trade a Kidney?
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