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    Selling these 5 guitars. Easier to fo on one thread.

    If anyone is interested and wants to know further details, pics,etc..., please let me know (PM).

    From left to right:
    *2008 D'Aquisto (see current full listing in this forum for details)

    * D'Angelico EXS-1- dont see many of these. Believe from 2007. 16" body. Originally came with floater, was upgraded to Biltoft Charlie Christian pickup. Made in Indocheon. W/OHSC.....$800 to $750+actual shipping

    *Navigator L-5/Super 400 copy- rare and tough to find info on. Did a whole thread about it. Japanese made. Seems to be same as Aria PE-180. Comes with extra bridge and uncounted pickguard. Comes with HSC........$1,750 to $1,650+ actual shipping

    * 1950 Gibson ES-150- all original except new tuner knobs and 1 control knob is a vintage bakelite knob from maybe a radio?. Sounds and plays great to me. Comes with old Lifton case.....$2,400 to $2,300+ actual shipping

    * Epiphone Sorrento- I believe from 90s (will confirm). Upgrades- Seymour Duncan Antiquity P-90s, Tune-a-magic bridge (original in case), new tuners. Original pickguard in case. Case is beautiful upgraded Epiphone case.....$800 to $750+actual shipping.

    Thanks folks .....
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    PRICE DROP: Archtops and semi-hollow (Gibson, Navigator, D'Angelico, etc)...-20201014_133609-jpg

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    Any questions, thoughts, offers or other?

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    Will consider partial trades for sealed/unopened bottles of vintage spirits (Rye, Rum, Bourbon, Scotch, etc, etc).


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    "Is there anything fragile, liquid, hazardous or perishable in that package?"

    GLW trade!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam Sherry View Post
    "Is there anything fragile, liquid, hazardous or perishable in that package?"

    GLW trade!
    Have shipped almost 600 bottles and never had an issue. I would say over the last few years of this hobby. Fellow collectors have shipped 100,s of thousand bottles .
    Olive oil

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    Price drop

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    Someone make my 50th birthday a good one and purchase one if these Guit-fiddles!

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    I turned 50 this year, too. I'd LOVE for you to gift me the Navigator ;-)

    Happy Birthday!


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    Happy Holiday bump to the front of the line.

    I've these guitars posted in a few places, but would love to sell to someone from the group.

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    Why not.....