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    Sale pending.

    This one has a story to it. It was custom ordered with SD pickups. It is parallel braced and has a medium neck. It also came with a bullet proof, heavy Cedar Creek case, again custom ordered at Heritage. It appears unplayed.

    The only issue with it is that it has a couple of rosy areas on the back of the neck and rim from being in the case for almost almost all of its life. When I got it, the areas near the headstock and neck the body had a transparent red blush from transfer from the case to the lacquer.

    The action is low and the neck is straight. It is one of the best Golden Eagles with highly figured wood. There is no fret wear.

    I had Pete Moreno buff the rosy areas. There is still a faint blush. To me, it's not an issue. The pics that show the neck area with a blue pool table background are after Pete's buffing, which show most of the reddishness is gone.

    It comes with the standard Imperial tuning keys, TRC and toggle switch.

    $3200 plus shipping and PP. Checks okay.

    More pics:

    Heritage Golden Eagle 1999 Mint-1-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle 1999 Mint-2-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle 1999 Mint-3-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle 1999 Mint-4-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle 1999 Mint-5-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle 1999 Mint-6-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle 1999 Mint-7-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle 1999 Mint-10-jpg
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    Most of your guitars are blonde. Interesting.

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    stunning axe! Everything ok?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jzucker View Post
    stunning axe! Everything ok?
    I'm slowly thinning out my collection. Some I literally haven't even played in over a year.

    Thanks for asking though.

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    This Golden Eagle is really an L5 for maybe 1/2 the price and you won't find and L5 with this kind of wood for double the cost. This is a stunning guitar and the lucky buyer who gets this will be a winner all the way around. To duplicate this guitar would cost $7k and then you still would not be making much money if any really. I don't need it Mark but if you got an L5C in the closet send me a PM if you are not using it.

    To the potential buyer who may not know............Pete Moreno is a true craftsman and guitar setup and repair hero. His work is as good as it gets period. For someone who does not get on the forum much and might be thinking about this guitar or one like it, no worries this deal as zero drawbacks that any other forum has and the seller is the best.

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    Beautiful and priced very low! I do wish I was in the market, but unfortunately . . .

    Good luck with the sale Marty, should go quickly.

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    Bump for a golden eagle!

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    Early GE's have more bling that would add to the build cost compared to the ones now being produced (at around $9k).

    The early ones have 5-ply binding on the top, a unique registration number (for the first 1,000) and cupid's bow at the end of the fretboard.

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    Reduced price $3200.

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    Marty only buys pristine examples - and I would expect this guitar to be nicer than shown. At this price, you just cannot find a better US made Archtop value with the history and lineage back to Gibson.

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    I added more photos to the link. I was surprised to see the bridge pickup is a SD 59. The combo of a Seth Lover and a SD 59 is a favorite of Jay Wolfe, the dealer who ordered this build.

    Here are the internal pics. Looks like a L-5 construction, and it should of course.

    Heritage Golden Eagle 1999 Mint-20201107_222303-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle 1999 Mint-20201107_222308-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle 1999 Mint-20201107_222312-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle 1999 Mint-20201107_222321-jpgHeritage Golden Eagle 1999 Mint-20201107_222359-jpg

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    Sale pending.

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    I’m not a great player, but I have never needed a bullet proof case.