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    Hi Folks,

    As I was looking up the specs and taking pictures of the guitar, I checked out Archtop.Com previous listing of one and realized they looked similar.
    Low and behold when I looked at the serial number I saw that they were one in the same!
    Anyway, here is the link for that listing which gives the specs and description. The ONLY differences are the following:

    • along the way the pickup was upgraded from the stock (which seemed to have some negative comments about it being thin/bright sounding) to a Seth Lover humbucker.
    • Locking strap buttons have been installed with originals in the case
    • Custom foam F-hole plugs were made and come with the guitar
    • must've been an attempt to change pickguard, there is a shoddily filled in tiny hole on outside edge of pickguard (see picture). I imagine this can be cleaned up without too much trouble, but I'm not a luthier.

    All else is in the description below including the original hardshell case.

    Here is the link to referenced listing of this guitar: 2008 D'Aquisto Jazzline

    Price: $1,800.00 Firm + actual shipping (US only, sorry rest of the planet)

    I will be listing on Reverb eventually at a higher number.

    Thanks, folks!


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    2008 D'aquisto "Jazz Line" w/upgraded Seth Lover pickup.............-daquisto-full-jpg2008 D'aquisto "Jazz Line" w/upgraded Seth Lover pickup.............-daquisto-back-jpg2008 D'aquisto "Jazz Line" w/upgraded Seth Lover pickup.............-daquisto-case-candy-jpg2008 D'aquisto "Jazz Line" w/upgraded Seth Lover pickup.............-daqusito-case-jpg2008 D'aquisto "Jazz Line" w/upgraded Seth Lover pickup.............-daquisto-repair-overhead-jpg

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    Really smart upgrade. Must be a sweet sounding instrument!