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    Greetings all-

    I’m ready to electrify my newly built archtop, and I’m not sure I’m ready to drill holes in my neck extension to mount my KA 12-pole floating pickup. Would anyone have a vintage Guitar Mike DeArmond FHC in good shape they’d considering parting with for a fair price?

    Here she be with her amp cab sister.
    DeArmond FHC (Guitar Mike)-184ca803-d3d0-48cb-a30b-f11005b16cc3-jpg


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    I have several FHC and Rhythm Chief variations. Feel free to send me a private message if interested.

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    I just happen to have bought a nice 50’s DeArmond Mic and had it professionally rewound so it’s good to go. I was going to use it on one of my gypsy guitars but have decided to go with a Stimer instead. So, it is sitting here looking for a home.
    I had the tech add an 18”, extension with a 1/4” jack.

    I’m looking for $300.

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    Great price!