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    This guitar has been SOLD


    I have for your interest a 2017 custom ordered NYC T-Style Sadowsky guitar. I am the original owner. It is in immaculate condition.

    This guitar has a pair of splittable humbuckers and it had the Sadowsky pre-amp electronics designed after Roger's Chuck Loeb model guitar. In other words, instead of having a third control knob on the top, designed to control the mid boost, it has two pots accessible on the back with which you can preset the mid boost and the gain to your liking so that you don't have to fiddle with knobs while you're playing. A flick of a mini toggle switch gets you there instantly.

    Roger describes the controls this way:

    Master Volume, Master Tone
    Master coil cut on separate mini toggle
    “Smooth Jazz” switch on push pull tone (up engages preset tone control, adjustable from rear)
    Sadowsky mid boost preamp switch (total bypass, mid boost engaged, mid + gain engaged).
    Mid boost gain pot and gain boost located on trim pots adjustable from rear

    Features and Options:

    The guitar's finish is '59 Burst. It has a roasted neck for incredible stability. The hardware is all black. It has a 1-3/4" nut width and the neck's edges have been rounded so that it feels like a 1-11/16" nut width guitar when you play it. The list of features ends with locking tuners, a tremolo bridge, stainless steel frets, roasted neck, an ebony fretboard, and a master grade quilted top.

    It comes with its original Sadowsky Portabag which was my choice over the typical HSC because it is far more useful and just as protective. It is not a lesser cost option nor a greater cost option. They were an equal-choice option. The case is in very good condition.

    I had dot markers added to the fretboard after the original purchase. It is a perfect job.

    The guitar retains the stick-on invisible plastic pickguard that Roger puts on all of his guitars to prevent them from being scratched and that may show some minor pick mark signs but there are none on the guitar. There are no scratches, dings, or marks known to me.

    A couple of more technical details:
    Scale length = the standard Fender one of 25.5"
    Fret size (according to Roger's website) = .094”wide x .051” high (though I can't confirm that and may be different for stainless, which is an upgrade option)

    Body - alder
    Top/Back - Master Grade quilted maple
    Fretboard - ebony
    Neck - roasted maple

    My wife and I are retired and moving out of a house to a smaller living quarter and I have been selling off most of my guitars and banjos because, well, there just won't be room for all of them anymore. This one had to be cut.

    A new guitar like this one ordered today would be well over $6000.00, probably closer to $7k. I am asking $4000.00.

    I think I've covered everything but in case I missed anything, I'd be glad to answer any questions, so don't hesitate to ask.

    It would speed comms up if you'd email me directly to crothman@optonline.net as opposed to Messaging me on the forum but that's certainly up to you.

    Thanks for looking.


    Sadowsky NYC T-style - EXCELLENT-body-top-sn-7647-5-26-17-jpgSadowsky NYC T-style - EXCELLENT-whole-guitar-fret-markers-jpgSadowsky NYC T-style - EXCELLENT-whole-back-jpgSadowsky NYC T-style - EXCELLENT-body-back-jpgSadowsky NYC T-style - EXCELLENT-invisible-pickguard-jpgSadowsky NYC T-style - EXCELLENT-locking-tuners-sn-blocked-jpgSadowsky NYC T-style - EXCELLENT-neck-markers-jpg
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    Wow! Very nice.

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    Thanks Marc. It is a full featured NYC Sadowsky with most of the important options.

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    Bump up.

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    Time to move it back up to the top again! Happy holidays to All!

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    She's a beauty - GLWS.

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    Thank you JBP. It is a really nice specimen, agreed. Appreciate the support.